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Saint Mark Church Staff

Jens Holley  
Jens Holley

Job Information
Position Title: Administrative Assistant

Contact Information
Church Phone: (864) 882-2603

Personal Information

What do you do here at Saint Mark?
My job is to do whatever is necessary to help everybody else carry out their functions and ministry at Saint Mark.  I answer the phone, greet visitors, proofread and print the bulletin, order supplies, distribute the mail, help maintain the membership rolls, print welcome cards, hand out food boxes to people in the community who need help, remind people when they are serving in worship, keep track of attendance, and anything else anybody needs.

When did you begin working at Saint Mark?
I have served Saint Mark in various capacities as a member of the laity since we first came to the church in 1999, but I just started getting paid to serve Saint Mark in September, 2016.

What was your first job?
Other than mowing yards and babysitting (both of which I started at about 10 years old), my first job was as a busboy in a Chinese restaurant, when I was 15.   

What was your childhood ambition?
An early ambition was to be first chair string bass player for the Boston Pops.  Obviously, I never made it, but I was at Furman when Keith Lockhart (current conductor of the Boston Pops) was there (we were pretty good friends), and did play in the Furman orchestra with him.

Who inspires you?
Almost everybody.  If you really sit down and listen to people, you quickly come to two realizations:  1) almost everybody carries their own load of pain; and 2) most people deal with it with a dignity and grace that is just awesome.  Just the simple act of continuing to carry on in the face of overwhelming difficulties says volumes about the human capacity for courage, optimism, and ability to overcome.   When that capacity is overlaid with God’s love and mercy, the results would inspire anybody.

Favorite Bible story, verse or passage?
Matthew 25:  31-46, the parable of the sheep and the goats.  To me that is the essence of Christianity:  we are to feed the hungry, give the thirsty something to drink, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger, comfort the sick, and visit the prisoners, for the way we act to the least of God’s children is the way we act to God.