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Saint Mark Church Staff

John Glenn

Job Information
Position Title: Celebration Worship Leader
Contact Information
Church Phone: (864) 882-2603
Cell Phone: (864) 940-2917

Personal Information

What do you do here at Saint Mark?
I am responsible for arranging the music and coordinating the order of the Celebration (contemporary) service. As musicians, it is our role to get the congregation into the presence of the Lord through songs and musical selection. Praising the Lord is so easy at Saint Mark because the congregation truly loves the Lord; this makes my responsibility a blessing and honor!!!

When did you begin working at Saint Mark?
I began serving at Saint Mark in July of 2012. I came to Saint Mark as a guest speaker representing the Kairos Prison Ministry,in which I am very active. I was asked if would like to consider leading the worship for Saint Mark. WOW, was my response! The opportunity to lead worship with a congregation that really loves to praise the Lord already!!! A dream come true! Thank you Lord!!!

What was your first job?
I was a bag boy at Kroger Grocery store; I guess you can say I was learning to serve at an early age! I worked that job for a good 7 days… ☺

What was your childhood ambition?
Growing up, I was really big on athletics. I played organized sports from the age of 7 until my 30’s. Being a part of a team working together with the same focus and goals was and still is my ambition. The goal now – “winning souls for the kingdom of Christ.”

Who inspires you?
Several people have had major impact on my life. What inspires me is to see someone who REALLY loves Jesus and is not ashamed to let the world know it! Not in a way that maybe offensive to others, but just gives off that glow that you can only get from a healthy RELATIONSHIP with the Savior of the world, the Lord JESUS CHRIST!!!

Favorite Bible story, verse or passage?
I have different stories and verses to fit the moments and situations at hand; but John 3:30 {He must increase, and I must decrease} is what I know must happen if I want to reach others for the Kingdom.