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Thank you for getting a head start on shopping for our Marvin’s Kids Christmas gifts! In order to give parents a bigger role in their children’s Christmas, they will “shop” for their own children in Santa’s Secret Shop in December, stocked with gifts Santa’s Helpers provide. For this reason, you will select a child by age and sex only, not by name or family. Consider that we support a multi-ethnic community when you shop for toys. We hope that shopping now will give you a chance to help without being stressed for time and money during the Christmas season.

• Although you may purchase more, we ask that you purchase at least a gift in each of three retail value ranges: $0-$5, $6-$15, and $16-$30 (assuming one gift in each retail value range, the total cost for you would be around $50. Feel free to purchase more than 3 items for the shop if you desire).

• Category ideas for gifts (age appropriate): Art supplies, books, sports equipment, dolls and accessories, stuffed animals, action figures, trucks/cars, Legos, costume jewelry, toiletries, games, supplies for playing dress-up, play toolkits, play camping gear, play kitchen items. If batteries are required for a toy, please remember to provide them.

• Toys will be arranged in Santa’s Secret Shop at Saint Mark by age range, sex, and retail value. Knowing that we have many savvy shoppers that shop sales, taking advantage of coupons and discounts, it is important that you leave the original sales price tag on the item. However, it would be helpful if you mark through the bar codes (this prevents items from being returned to the retail store).

• Because the toys you contribute will be used to stock Santa’s Secret Shop, the gifts should NOT be wrapped. Parents will be able to select gifts for their children on December 12th, the day they come to shop.

Click here to find labels to attach to each gift (it will include your name, the price range of the gift, the age of the child and the sex.) Please place toys in a large plastic bag. Bring them to atrium on Donation Wednesdays, July 8, 15, 22 or 29 between 10 am and 4 pm. Contact Mary Barnette at 864-903-2744 or Sarah Boylston at 864-882-1328 if you have questions.

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