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Traditional & Contemporary Worship: 10:15am / Sunday School: 9:00am
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Library Hours  
Sunday: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Monday, Tuesday,  
Thursday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Wednesday: 8:30 am – 9:00 pm
Friday: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Saturday: Closed

The library is located in the second level of the church building just off the atrium, just behind the welcome center.

Youth Reading
Child Reading

Contact Us
Phone: (864) 882-2603 ext. 105
Email: Marla Fuller

Saint Mark Library Mission Statement
The mission of the Saint Mark Library is to make resources available to Saint Mark members and friends for inspiration, worship, teaching, and Christian living in order to foster Christian growth for the individual, the family, and the church body.

What You Will Find
The Saint Mark Library has a collection of over 1200 resources. You will find material for all ages including:

• Children’s Books
• Books for Teens
• Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction Books
• United Methodist Reading Program Books
• Reference Materials
• Videos on VHS and DVD
• Curriculum for Sunday School, Small Groups
• Sermons on CD
• A DVD/VHS Player

Check It Out
We operate on an honor system. Fill out the library card, including your full name and the date that you are checking it out, and place the card in the wooden box on the library desk. 

Turn it In
We ask that you return your book/DVD, etc. within a month of the time you check it out.

Electronic Card Catalog
We have now installed our new and convenient electronic card catalog to find out exactly what books and materials we have in our library.  You will find the device conveniently located in our church library.  As you walk in the door, the iPad will be straight ahead on the wall.  You can also find out what is in our library from the convenience of home, using your computer.  Click here to access our catalog in the cloud.  Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to use our catalog in the cloud.

Saint Mark Church Library Selection and Donation Policy
1. Library materials will include books – fiction, non-fiction, references, periodicals, and audio-visual materials. DVDs and CDs are preferred over video recordings (VHS).
2. Library materials will relate to the interests and concerns of church staff, ministry leaders, church members of all ages, and guests from the community.
3. Library material should:
be of good literary quality and be doctrinally sound
support in the development of the individual in the Christian lifestyle
be published within the last ten years, except for classics or materials that fill a special need within the collection.
4. Donated library material is subject to the approval of the Library Committee and/or Church Leadership. No provisional gifts will be accepted.
All gifts of donated material must meet the same standards as purchased items and must be in good condition.
Donations may be added to the collection, dispersed to mission locations or other non-profits given away or discarded.
All monetary gifts as memorials or donations are welcome. The Library Committee will choose appropriate media with the monetary gifts, guided by the selection policy.
5. Our library collection is continually reviewed, and each item is evaluated as to its current value in meeting the needs of users. Space must always be available to house quality media that will best serve our church community. Records of discarded material will be purged from our computer system, cards and envelopes removed, and all marking obliterated with a “DISCARD” stamp. The discarded items will be donated to other missions or nonprofits.
6. If a church member deems a particular library item inappropriate, they can make a written challenge to the Library Committee. The Committee will then review the challenge and a decision rendered to the individual bringing the complaint. Ministerial staff will have final authority over the decision.
7. The Library Committee will review this policy at least every two years or more often as needed.