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Rise Against Hunger
Hosted by Saint Mark United Methodist Church
Saturday, March 23, 2019

Other Sponsors: Trinity Baptist

We provide $.32 for each meal packaged.

Contribute toward $16,000
to package 50,000 meals.

$ 10 = 32 meals
$ 25 = 78 meals
$ 50 = 156 meals
$100 = 312 meals

Pick up a Contribution Envelope at the Atrium Welcome Center, the table outside the sanctuary or on the table outside the church office.

Make checks to: Saint Mark UMC
Envelopes may be placed in the offering plate


On Saturday morning, March 23, 2019, Saint Mark will host an interfaith/intercultural food packaging event, in partnership with an organization called Rise Against Hunger, a faith-based organization that distributes food globally to areas with the greatest concentration of hunger and starvation.  Their vision is to end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life-saving aid to the world’s most vulnerable.  Their hope is to create a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources to be able to continue to provide for all of God’s children.

Rise Against Hunger receives $5.25 million dollars a year in donations.  84% of donations goes toward the purchase of meal ingredients and meal distribution costs; 11% goes toward administrative expenses; 5% goes toward fundraising.


Rise Against Hunger has created a nutritious dried meal of soy, rice, dehydrated vegetables, and a flavoring mix with 21 essential vitamins and minerals.  Meals come with preparation instructions and have a shelf life of 5 years.  Using an assembly line process designed by Rise Against Hunger, we will measure ingredients and create meals which will be packaged for distribution worldwide.

Rise Against Hunger distributes food globally through agencies already serving in targeted countries.  The organization does not work through governments.  Most of the food (about 75%) is distributed through school settings because parents are motivated to send their children to school and students who are not hungry can learn.  Rise Against Hunger believes education is the key to helping people create a better life and that combining education and the alleviation of hunger will lead to self-sustaining communities.  The organization uses stringent recording and reporting requirements to ensure the food is distributed properly and is not sold.


The sponsors of this event are committed to making a significant contribution to the cost of packaging 50,000 meals.  Our Supporters contribute as they are able and we greatly appreciate their help.  Work spaces will be reserved for a prearranged minimum number of a Sponsor’s and Supporter’s members and then other members may sign up for additional unreserved spaces if they are available.  Every year we have a long waiting list of volunteers.

When religious congregations and communities in our area work together, just imagine what we could accomplish and where it might lead!!


In addition to serving the needs of the hungry, we are excited about the outreach/bridge-building aspects of this Rise Against Hunger project.  We hope to see people from diverse religious, cultural, racial and philosophical traditions working side-by-side and getting to know each other better as we work to help make the world a better place.


  • Make a financial contribution = Make it Possible
  • Volunteer on March 23, 2019 = Do the Work
  • Contribute and Volunteer = Make it Happen!

More meals for the hungry; More volunteers;
More bridges; More cooperative church efforts.

To reserve a spot in our assembly line on Saturday, March 23, please fill out the form below and submit it.

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