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Funerals and Memorial Services at Saint Mark

What is our understanding concerning death? By Daniel Benedict


United Methodist teaching on death is grounded in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments and grows out of reflection on those sacred texts. At the heart of that teaching is God who is life and gives life. This life given in our creation (Genesis 1-2) was and is disrupted by the power of sin that separates us from life in God (Genesis 3; Romans 1-3). In the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God delivers us from sin and death, and so we live in the blessed hope of everlasting life. This life is a gift offered to all and enacted in baptism as our covenant of union with Jesus Christ.



At Saint Mark Church, funerals and memorial services are planned and conducted with dignity, reverence and Easter hope.  Such services need to be scheduled with one of the pastors and pre-planning is encouraged.  Also, a time for planning the various elements of the memorial worship service should be arranged with a pastor.  Services must be planned with Christian elements of worship included.  Secular music is discouraged.  The organist of Saint Mark is available to play for such services pending their schedule.

Caskets and/or urns are welcome to be present during the services.  However, caskets must be closed prior to the beginning of the memorial worship service or funeral.  Family members are welcomed and encouraged to offer personal witnesses and remembrances of the life of the deceased person.  Family members are reminded that such remarks need to be appropriate to the Christian worship setting.

The United Methodist Women of Saint Mark provide either a meal or reception before or after the service at the discretion of the family.

The church also has a memorial garden where cremains may be placed in the columbarium wall or scattered in the garden.  There are varying charges for the use of the memorial garden.  A member of the Memorial Garden Committee will be glad to speak with any member of Saint Mark Church.