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Sunday Morning Worship at Saint Mark


Typically, Saint Mark has two Sunday services of worship – one traditional and one contemporary, both gathering at 10 am. On occasion we have combined services when we all come together for a special service of worship.

Traditional WorshipTraditional worship in the sanctuary at 10:15 am. (Enter through the front on Quincy Road or through the glass doors of the atrium, and proceed up the stairs in the atrium.) Participants follow a printed order of worship that includes readings and traditional hymns sung out of the United Methodist Hymnal to music played on a pipe organ. A chancel choir or a musician brings special music,while the pastor brings a message to the congregation. Though persons in this setting expect to be somewhat formal than they would be in a casual setting, we strive to make the service warm, personal, and inviting, as well as reverent, remembering that the primary purpose of the service is about God. Our Nursery Facility provides child care at all services.

Celebration WorshipContemporary worship (Celebration) in the Saint Mark Center at 10:15 am. (Enter through the glass doors of the atrium, and proceed down the stairs.) A contemporary “Celebration” Worship Service is held in the Saint Mark Center every Sunday at 10:15 a.m. Following traditional Methodist doctrines, the Celebration Service is less formal in attire, liturgy, music, and general format. It is a “come as you are” service for all ages. The service is led by our Music Worship Leader, John Glenn. The song lyrics, scripture, and other aspects of the service are projected on a screen above the stage. Generally, the order of worship includes opening songs, welcome and announcements, inviting the children to Children’s Church, music, offertory, scripture, a message with occasional lay messages or drama to illustrate the scripture and prayer for special intentions. This leads to the closing music, and benediction. Children are welcome at this service but we also have a nursery available. We invite you to come early for coffee, a tasty treat, and fellowship before we “Celebrate God’s Grace and Witness for Jesus Christ”!

Sunday Service Recordings – Click Here
We record the audio of the reading and the sermon from at least one of the services each Sunday. Click above to hear the latest entry.

Sunday Morning Fellowship
Join us in the atrium for refreshments.

Our Congregation
On a typical Sunday, about 300 people attend worship at Saint Mark. Some of us have attended here for many years and some are brand new. We come from all walks of life, different political perspectives and many denominational and religious backgrounds. Despite our diversity, we are committed to the belief that we all belong together in community!

What Can I Wear?
Don’t worry about what you’re wearing on a Sunday morning. Some of us dress, but you’ll also see jeans and casual attire too. You don’t need a suit to worship with us!

The Church Building and Accessibility
Our Sanctuary is located on the top floor of the church. If you plan to attend our traditional service, you can park anywhere in the front. There is a wheelchair ramp on the right side of the building as you face the front. Most Sunday School Classes will be on that same level.

If you plan to attend our Celebration Service, located in our gym (Saint Mark Center), it is on the very lowest of three levels. If you come through the sanctuary, you will want to proceed to the atrium (in the same level). Take the left walkway to the end where an elevator is located. Take the elevator down to the Ground Floor (G), bypassing the first floor. You may also enter the doors into the atrium on our second level. You will want to park on either side of the church building. Find the elevator in the atrium, and take it down to the Ground Floor to the gym. There are also two accessible entrances on the gym level, one on Ben Hilda and the other through our Commons Room. To enter this door, park in the lowest parking lot off of Doug Berry (in front of the log cabin). Wheelchairs are available for use upon request.

Ushers and Greeters
Volunteers are on hand every Sunday morning to welcome you and to answer any questions you may have.

We’re excited to get to know you. If you’d like more information, a call, a visit, or to subscribe to our newsletter, fill out one of our colorful Visitor’s Card (available in the pews) and we’ll follow up on your request.

Is there something else you’re wondering about right now? Call the church office at(864) 882-2603! We’re open Monday through Thursday 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. If you miss us, leave a message and we’ll return your call. Or drop us an email

We are excited to welcome you into the community of Saint Mark United Methodist Church. This Sunday morning, consider worshiping with us! “Whoever you are; in whatever faith you were born, whatever creed you profess, if you come to this house to find God, you are welcome.”
– John Wesley